Mexico pledges to boost UN Security Council reform

(VOVworld) – Mexico pledges its efforts to boost intergovernmental negotiations and comprehensive reform of the UN Security Council in 2015, which will mark the council’s 70th anniversary. Mexico’s Foreign Ministry announced last week that Mexico wants to increase the number of non-permanent members, not permanent members, with the aim of having a more representative Council that is more efficient and accountable on important issues.

Mexico pledges to boost UN Security Council reform - ảnh 1
The United Nations Security Council is convened at UN headquarters in New York.
(Photo: Reuters)

Earlier, Mexico proposed increasing the number of UN Security Council members from 15 to 26. Besides the 5 permanent members who have veto rights - the UK, France, Russia, the US, and China – Mexico believes the Council should have 4 Latin American and Caribbean members, 6 African members, 5 Asian members, 3 West European members, 2 East European members, and 1 member representing small countries.

Mexico takes the vanguard role in the “Uniting for Consensus” movement and is one of the few countries advocating UN Security Council reform.

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