NA Chairman praises Son La hydro power plant's work progress

National  Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung has praised Son La hydro power plant for its success in work progress and quality. During his visit to the power plant on Thursday, Chairman Hung congratulated Son La hydro power plant’s generation of 5.2 billion kWh and successful launching of its 4th turbine. He expected the power plant to be fully completed by the end of this year, which is 3 years a head of schedule and generate half a billion dollars annually. Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said the project will be an exemplary model in terms of work progress and quality: “This is a key national project and reflects our determination to mobilize internal resources for growth. The cooperation between the management board, design and consultancy agencies and contractors is a good example of unity, cooperation and resourcefulness. The hydro power plant required the biggest resettlement and many people were willing to leave the home places. This is a positive contribution for the nation.”

Chairman Hung said that the project could generate up to 2400 megawatt and regulate irrigation service to prevent flood and drought in the northern delta. The same day, Chairman Hung paid a Tet visit to households in local resettlement area.