Nation welcomes Year of the Dragon

(VOV World)-Vietnamese people all across the country are jubilantly celebrating Tet. The northern city of Son La marked the year of the Dragon with a spectacular firework show in the city center in the cheers of thousands of people. Nguyen Minh Hien, a local resident said:“I takes my child here every year. The atmosphere is fabulous. I wish everybody all the best”.       

Nation welcomes Year of the Dragon - ảnh 1

In the northern city of Dien Bien, the chilly cold spell was unable to prevent people from flocking to the streets to welcome the new year. “People are very excited to see firework displays. I hope that our province will record stronger growth in the new year”, said local resident Le Van Hieu.

In the ancient town of Hoi An, tens of thousands of people gathered along the Hoai river to enjoy the Hoi An Lantern Festival. For many years, the town has become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign visitors during Tet. Vo Phung, Director of the local Culture and Sports Center said: “Tet is an opportunity to showcase our time-honored culture. We are very glad to share our special Tet celebrations with other people”.

Local people and visitors to the Mekong Delta province of Can Tho were treated to an extravaganza art performance. Nguyen Van Minh, who lives in Binh Thuy district said: “This year’s Tet is more exciting. I wish people great successes in business”.