National Assembly questions Minister of Home Affairs

(VOVworld) - The Minister of Home Affairs has answered National Assembly deputies’ questions on how to keep the personnel organization lean and mean.
National Assembly questions Minister of Home Affairs - ảnh 1

Minister Le Vinh Tan told deputies on Wednesday that the Politbureau’s resolution No 39 to trim down the number of public servants has been implemented for 2 years and will be accelerated. He said:“The resolution reflects strong political will to ensure the organization’s productivity and restructuring of the personnel pool. We commit to reduce 1.5% of public servants annually while newly established organizations have to comply with this principle. Simplification of personnel organization helps our roadmap in salary and remuneration reform.”
Minister Tan said there will be more policies to attract talents to serve in state agencies by promoting recruitment exams on a merit based approach to ensure equal opportunity for all:“We will expand recruitment exams to encourage enrollment for fair and transparent competition. Recruitment exams should be applied in the employment of 90% of public servants to select talented people. Discretionary selection must be limited only to exceptional cases.”