National Assembly Standing Committee meets

(VOVWORLD) -The National Assembly Standing Committee convened its 15th meeting in Hanoi on Wednesday to finalize preparations for the 4th session of the 14th National Assembly slated for October 23. 
National Assembly Standing Committee meets  - ảnh 1 National Assembly Standing Committee's 14th session 

In her opening address, top legislator Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said the committee will review reports collecting the opinions of voters nationwide to be submitted to the NA’s meeting, and review the settlement of voters’ petitions sent to the Assembly’s meeting. The committee will scrutinize reports on the implementation of the socio-economic development plan and State budget this year. They will also look at the North-South Highway project and the delayed application of new textbooks for general education. National Assembly Chairwoman Ngan also mentioned personnel issue to be discussed: “At the 4th session, the National Assembly will decide high ranking leaders. The Assembly will work with the Party Central Committee’s Organization Commission on this issue. As the Government Inspector General and Minister of Transport are dismissed, the government will propose nominees to these posts for the National Assembly’s approval.”