Party Central Committee wraps up fourth plenary meeting

(VOVworld) - The 12th Party Central Committee closed its fourth plenary meeting in Hanoi on Friday after six days of sitting, reaching a strong consensus on the resolutions and conclusion adopted at the meeting.

Party Central Committee wraps up fourth plenary meeting - ảnh 1
Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong delivers a speech at the closing ceremony.

Addressing the closing ceremony, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said that in 2017, Vietnam would continue to focus on ensuring macro-economic stability and safeguarding social welfare.

He said restructuring the economy in combination with renewing the growth model, improving the business environment, increasing productivity and the economy’s competitiveness will be a key and major task to create a clear breakthrough in implementing three strategic breakthroughs.

Party leader Trong said: “It’s necessary to understand properly the growth model that Vietnam is following. It is a model based on productivity, quality, and the competitiveness of the economy. The mobilization, distribution, and use of resources should be made in line with market requirements and mechanisms. It’s essential to uphold patriotism, national pride, talents, creativity, advantages, and the potential of all industries, sectors, and localities. We should facilitate conditions for all people to participate and benefit from growth, attach more importance to improving the quality of growth, boost social advancement, ensure the stability of the macro-economy, secure national defense, security, and protect the environment.”

Party Central Committee wraps up fourth plenary meeting - ảnh 2
At the closing meeting of the fourth plenary session of the 12th Party Central Committee.

Mr. Trong said Vietnam consistently pursues the goal of international economic integration for the national interest, securing national political and social stability pursuant to international law.

He noted that pro-activeness in international economic integration should be considered a major strategic direction in which to develop and protect the nation.

He pointed to specific work to build and revamp the Party: “The committee has especially stressed the importance of bringing the resolutions to life to make an apparent change. But to that end, it requires the involvement of the entire political system and each Party Central Committee member, especially high-ranking officials, should be well aware of the sense of responsibility to the people and the Party. Setting good examples by officers at central agencies plays a key and vital role.”

Party leader Trong declared that the sound implementation of resolutions and conclusion of the Party Central Committee at the conference will contribute to realizing the 12th Party Congress Resolution, accomplishing socio-economic development tasks, effectively conducting national economic integration, ensuring socio-political stability, and making the Party transparent and strong.

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