Party leader urges for a breakthrough in party-building work

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has spoken highly of the 2-day national conference on Party building work, saying a lot of work awaiting ahead. Addressing the meeting which opened in Hanoi on Wednesday, the Party leader talked about the need to further improve the leadership and fighting capacity of the party to conquer new challenges. He also emphasized the important role of the Party’s Central Committee and party organizations at all levels to both provide party leaders with consultancy and directly realize party building work. Party leader Trong also urges all cadres involved in party personnel development to comprehend the urgency of building and strengthening Party organizations, fully aware of their responsibility to the Party and people, and proactively perform their tasks. “Organization is about the principles, systems, structures, operation mechanisms, work styles, assignment and co-operation within an organization and between one another. Cadres need to be trained, improved, assessed, selected, assigned and subject to appropriate policies. Working with the people is always an important and sensitive issue”, Trong said.