President Putin answers 80 questions from Russian citizens

(VOVworld) – Russian President Vladimir Putin held an online question and answer session with the public from Gostinyi Dvor palace in Moscow on Thursday. For 3 hours and a half, he answered 80 questions out of more than 3 million questions submitted by the general public. Most of the questions concerned the national economy, social security, and people’s daily lives. Putin said the most important thing is to ensure investment resources and improve efficiency to raise people’s incomes.

President Putin answers 80 questions from Russian citizens  - ảnh 1
President Vladimir Putin answering questions coming from Russian citizens in the annual Q&A live nationwide broadcast from the Moscow Gostiny Dvor studio, April 14, 2016. © Michael Klimentyev / Sputnik

Putin warned that if the world stops fighting terrorism, the self-proclaimed Islamic State will recover. Although Russia has withdrawn most of its key forces from Syria, the Syrian army is now strong enough to retake many cities. Putin said Russia doesn’t have a hostile attitude towards Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, or Turkey.
He considers Turkey a friendly neighbor but has a problem with certain Turkish politicians. Answering a question about when Russia will resume flights to Egypt and Turkey, Putin said he can’t promise anything because the situation in Egypt and Turkey is unstable and dangerous for Russian people. Putin said the only solution in Ukraine is to abide by the Minsk agreement. So far the Kiev administration has not approved any special status for Donbass.  
Russia has cooperated closely with the US in many areas, including fighting terrorism, preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, Iran’s nuclear program, and chemical weapons in Syria. Referring to the Panama Papers, Putin said groundless information about foreign accounts is a provocation. He said American politicians are behind the leaked information aiming to sow suspicion. Putin called the Nagorny Karabakh conflict a matter which can only be resolved by political negotiation.   

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