Promoting pride of Vietnamese goods

(VOVworld) – The second season of the program entitled “Pride of Vietnamese products 2016” was launched in Hanoi on Saturday.

Promoting pride of Vietnamese goods - ảnh 1
At the launch ceremony in Hanoi (Photo:

The event is held nationwide to promote Vietnamese products to all consumers and help the public to know how to recognize made-in-Vietnamese goods and their quality through which to improve the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods and building brand names for locally made products.

The program also aims to raise awareness of domestic producers, social and economic organizations, uphold patriotism, and build a culture of Vietnamese customers.

Promoting pride of Vietnamese goods - ảnh 2
The launch ceremony in Hanoi on October 29, 2016. (Photo: Uyen Huong/BNEWS/VNA)

It also aims to improve the efficiency of the state management in goods circulation, protection of Vietnamese producers, and acknowledgement of businesses’ contributions.

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