Revised anti-corruption bill under NA discussions

(VOVWORLD) - Lawmakers debated the revised bill on corruption prevention and control during the ongoing National Assembly session in Hanoi on Wednesday.
Revised anti-corruption bill under NA discussions  - ảnh 1

Lawmakers discussed the draft to the revised bill on corruption prevention and control on the June 13 NA session.

 Deputies said the revision of the 10-year-old law aims to ensure feasibility, conformity with reality and unanimity of the legal system.

Deputy Be Minh Duc representing Cao Bang province said: “I agree with the amendments to the Law on Corruption Prevention and Control and the verification report by the NA Judicial Affairs Committee. The promulgation of the law is very important. It’s a legal tool and mainstay for law enforcement agencies and for all people in combating corruption. I agree with the expansion of the scope of application to non-state sectors which will match the international trend and current requirements.”

Do Van Binh, a deputy from Hai Phong City, said: “Authorized agency should monitor changes in assets or income as declared by officials, promptly seek clarification of changes, and check the veracity of officials’ answers. The staff involved in this job should have not only high responsibility, but also professional knowledge. Under the draft, the inspection will be the authorized agency in asset control. The move is believed to improve the efficiency of the management and verification of assets and income, and develop a common database to serve the monitoring of asset changes.”