Russia suspends deal on plutonium disposal with US

(VOVworld) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a law suspending the US-Russia accord on disposing of plutonium. In addition to suspending the plutonium deal, the new law demands that the US cancel its Magnitsky Act, lift all anti-Russian sanctions, compensate for damages incurred by Moscow, and reduce the US military presence in NATO countries. The bill was passed by the State Duma, Russia’s lower parliament house, on October 19 and approved by the Federation Council, the upper house, on October 26. The law took effect on Monday.

Russia suspends deal on plutonium disposal with US - ảnh 1
Russian President Vladimir Putin (center) at a meeting in Sochi, Russia (Photo: VNA)

US-Russia relations have plummeted since September’s ceasefire agreement in Syria collapsed. Russia suspended the plutonium because of what Russia called “hostile actions” by the US and non-compliance by the US with the agreement.


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