Russia-UK relations escalate following mannequin protest in London

(VOVworld) -  On Friday, Russia announced to denounce a protest a day earlier outside the Russian Embassy in London, where demonstrators dumped mannequin limbs in protest of Russia’s actions in Syria.
Russia-UK relations escalate following mannequin protest in London - ảnh 1
Piles on mannequin limbs are seen outside the Russia's embassy in London as part of a protest against military action in Syria. (Photo: Reuters)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said the protest was part of a political order placed by London authorities. Ten days earlier, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson commanded at the British parliament that civil society in the UK stage protests in front of the Russian embassy. Last week, a number of British blockaded the entrance to the Russian Embassy and its telephone line. Russian Foreign Ministry responded that such actions seriously damaged the Embassy security.

The British Foreign Office (FCO) denied that the government was in any way involved in organizing the protest, saying that such allegations “are wholly without foundation.” The FCO said it will respond to the Russian complaint in due course.

On Friday, 500 Russians staged a protest at the British Embassy.

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