Science-technology policies needed to encourage intellectuals

(VOVworld) – President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Nguyen Thien Nhan held a discussion with members of the Thang Long Club in Hanoi, a meeting place for retired senior officials.

Science-technology policies needed to encourage intellectuals - ảnh 1

He said that after 30 years of renewal Vietnam obtained many important achievements: an average growth rate of 7% and half of the workforce undergoing training courses. He said that the Party and state were very concerned about the prevention of corruption and the Party Central Committee had issued a resolution regarding this matter. Concerning the Vietnam Fatherland Front’s efforts to enhance the role of Vietnamese intellectuals, he said: “The Vietnam Fatherland Front is mobilizing all associations and organizations to supervise policies on science and technology and to renovate social criticism. We have established forums for Vietnamese intellectuals to contribute their ideas to national development. We will organize a discussion on initiatives by intellectuals to boost national growth on April 30. We will propose that the government and local administrations increase scientific research and honor outstanding intellectuals.”

Mr. Nhan said that national unity was being consolidated to protect national maritime sovereignty.