Tet for the poor

(VOVworld) - The Lunar New Year is just around the corner. Many activities are underway to help poor households, and other disadvantaged people enjoy a happy Tet.

Tet for the poor  - ảnh 1
Photo: VNA

To help the poor, Lai Chau province has collected data on poor households in the province and spent more than 200.000 USD, paying visits to some 5000 poor families and families of war martyrs, heroic mothers and war invalids. Lo Van Giang, Lai Chau’s Party Secretary told VOV: Lai Chau province has donated more than 4700 Tet gifts to poor people and social beneficiaries. All poor people guaranteed to have a cozy Tet.
This Tet, 60 families in Cư M’gar commune, Dac Lac province, have new houses, the result of a program launched 2 years ago of saving 1000 VND per person per day.  A majority of Party members, officials and workers in the commune supported the program and volunteered to build houses for the commune’s disadvantaged households. Nguyen Chan, Chairman of the Ea Mnang’s People’s Committee said: Each person saves just 1000 dong each day, but the program has great significance for helping the poor. If the program continues, I believe that in the near future, the living conditions of the poor will improve. Participants have contributed eagerly to this program.


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