Thai protesters say no plan to blockade airports

(VOVworld) – Thailand’s anti-government protest movement reassured tourists on Friday that it would not target the kingdom’s airports or public transportation during a planned shutdown of Bangkok on January 13.

Thai protesters say no plan to blockade airports - ảnh 1
Violence between anti-government protesters and the police in Bangkok
(Photo: Xinhua news agency)

The protest movement said on its English-language Facebook page that the occupation plan will not involve airport closures or the disruption of any public transport services. Public buses, trains, underground trains, and public boats will operate normally. The protestors affirmed that the upcoming demonstrations aim to prevent officials from going to work and to cut off power and water to government offices as well as to the residences of the prime minister and her cabinet. The demonstrators also plan to march in some places in Bangkok starting from Sunday when the Puea Thai party starts its re-election campaign. Thaksin's "Red Shirt" supporters also plan to hold their own rallies on January 13, mainly in their northern strongholds, to show their opposition to the Bangkok protests.