The UK, Netherlands start EU parliamentary election

The UK, Netherlands start EU parliamentary election - ảnh 1(Photo: East News)
(VOVworld) - Voters in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands on Thursday kicked off voting in the 4-day European Parliamentary election.

In Britain, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) led by Nigel Farage is likely to win. UKIP backs tighter immigration controls and an anti-Europe stance.

In the Netherlands, the anti-Islam and anti-EU Freedom Party - which plans to forge an alliance with France's far-right National Front - is expected to win as much as 23% of the vote.

About 400 million voters among the 28 EU members have turned out to cast votes to select 751 new European parliamentarians for a 5-year tenure. The EU Parliament election will conclude in Italy and the results will be announced at 21.00 GMT next Tuesday.