UN calls for global agreement on migrant issues

(VOVworld) – In a recent report to the UN, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said that all UN members need to solve the problem of mass migration, protect migrants who are mired in border areas, prevent discrimination against them, and provide them with favorable conditions to integrate into new communities.

UN calls for global agreement on migrant issues  - ảnh 1

A Syrian mother and her child (Photo: Alessandro Penso for UNHCR)

He also called on each country to create a framework for international cooperation on immigration, and join a conference in 2018 to approve an agreement.

Ban Ki Moon’s report said the UN conference on refugee issues to be held on September 19th will be a “special opportunity” for world leaders to reinforce the existing frameworks and agree on new approaches to the problems. Ban said more than 60 million people, half of them children, have escaped from violent conflicts to become homeless refugees. 225 million people have left their homeland to seek better lives.