US, Cuba to establish Bilateral Commission Meeting

US, Cuba to establish Bilateral Commission Meeting  - ảnh 1
US deputy assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, Alex Lee
(VOVworld) - A US delegation led by Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs Deputy Assistant Secretary Alex Lee, arrived in Havana on Friday to launch a bilateral commission with the Cuban government to strengthen recently revived diplomatic ties. The US State Department said the delegation will meet with members of the Cuban Foreign Ministry to discuss the next steps in the normalization process and schedule dates for future discussions on shared priorities. Friday’s talks are not expected to delve deeply into policy issues, but officials from the two governments will seek to agree on priorities and a timetable for the bilateral commission’s work.

In another development, the United States has invited five Cuban medical workers and Cuba's ambassador to Haiti to tour the US Navy hospital ship Comfort while it is docked in Haiti on Friday.