US, Nordic leaders affirm stronger cooperation

(VOVworld) – The Joint Statement of the US-Nordic Summit which concluded on Friday reaffirmed their deep partnership based on shared fundamental values.

US, Nordic leaders affirm stronger cooperation - ảnh 1
President Barack Obama and Nordic leaders (Photo: AP)

Democracy, the rule of law, gender equality, respect for human rights, and the protection and equal treatment of all people without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, or gender identity serve as a natural basis for the cooperation between the US and Nordic countries. Transparency, good governance, strong market economies, free trade, shared prosperity, and sustainable development are keys to political stability and social well-being.  The two countries reaffirmed their commitment to pursue these values and to work together to encourage other countries to do the same.

US President Barack Obama and Nordic leaders stressed the importance of upholding the European security order and the fundamental principles of international law. They committed to strengthening investments in defense and military capabilities, as well as in diplomacy and regional cooperation, commensurate with a more challenging security environment. 

Of migrants and refugees, they pledged to work together to meet urgent humanitarian needs, promote solutions that deal with the root causes of illegal migration and human smuggling and trafficking, and seek global solutions that promote respect for the right to seek and attain asylum.

The United States and the Nordic countries agreed to strengthen energy security, implement the Paris Agreement, accelerate the transition to a clean energy future, and continue to take science-based steps to protect the Arctic and its peoples.

The Joint Statement reiterated that open markets and free trade are fundamental to maintaining prosperity and promoting welfare for citizens.