US to resume limited visa issuing in Russia

(VOVWORLD) - The United States said Friday it may resume conducting limited interviews at its three Russia consulates for people seeking US visas. 
US to resume limited visa issuing in Russia - ảnh 1 US Embassy in Moscow (Photo: EPA/VNA)

The US Department of State will evaluate this activity at a small scale to decide whether or not to carry on interviews at other consulates.

Since  August 23, the US has temporarily suspended non-immigrant visa processing in Russia after Moscow ordered it to cut its diplomatic staff to 455, and said it would resume visa issuing in Moscow from Friday. Meanwhile, other US consulates in Russia would stop issuing non-immigrant visas for an indefinite period. Russia has accused the US for politicising visa processing, as it was not due to technical issues that the US decided to limit visa issuing for Russian citizens.

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