Uzbekistan votes in parliamentary polls

(VOVworld) – Uzbekistan voters cast ballots Sunday in parliamentary elections in the Central Asian state. Head of the central election commission Mirza-Ulugbek Abdusalamov said that as of midday on Sunday, about 51 percent of eligible voters had participated in the elections.

Uzbekistan votes in parliamentary polls - ảnh 1
President Islam Karimov's power is unlikely to be challenged by the parliamentary poll.
(Photo: TASS)

The Commission said it has received no reports of any violations of the election laws. All four competing parties support President Islam Karimov’s policies. More than 20 million voters registered to elect the 150-seat lower house of parliament, the Oliy Majlis, after authorities sent out text messages urging people to vote. Four parties – the Liberal Democratic Party, the People’s Democratic Party, the Democratic Party Milly Tiklanish (National Revival) and the Social Democratic Party Adolat (Justice) – are competing to fill 135 seats. The remaining 15 seats will be automatically given to the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan.