Vietnamese in Greece, Netherlands celebrate Tet


Vietnamese in Greece, Netherlands celebrate Tet - ảnh 1

Vietnamese people worldwide are jubilantly celebrating the traditional Lunar New Year. The Vietnamese Embassy in Athens, Greece and the Association of the Vietnamese people has co-hosted a spring get-together. Ambassador Vu Binh said regardless of the difficult situation in the host country, Vietnamese people have tried to study and do business to maintain employment for Vietnamese and Greek people. They have promoted the tradition of mutual support and got involved in activities to contribute to the homeland.

More than 400 Vietnamese students and people in the Netherlands gathered at a spring meeting organized by the Vietnamese Embassy. Ambassador Huynh Minh Chinh reiterated that overseas Vietnamese people in the Netherlands is an integral part of the nation, which is a driving force for national development and a bridge for multi-faceted cooperation between the two countries. The Ambassador appreciated their unity and good integration into the local community as well as their material and spiritual contributions to the victims of Agent Orange/ Dioxin in the homeland.