Farmer Do Thanh Khoa prosper thanks to Sachi Inchi plant

(VOVworld) – As one of the first Vietnamese to grow Sachi Inchi, a climbing shrub that originated in South America, farmer Do Thanh Khoa from Thai Thuy district, Thai Binh province, has become well-off. In 5 years of growing Sachi Inchi, Khoa has earned an annual revenue of 45,000 USD per year.
Farmer Do Thanh Khoa prosper thanks to Sachi Inchi plant  - ảnh 1
Farmers have stable income thanks to Sachi Inchi plant.
Do Thanh Khoa said the Sachi Inchi plant is kind of tropical plant very well suited to the soil and weather conditions in Vietnam. The plant can be grown in different manners such as intensive, alternative or extensive farming. The Sachi Inchi plant can produce various products. Its seeds produce oil, functional foods, and cosmetics; its leaves are used as a kind of tea; its top provides vegetables; and its skin produces fuel and fertilizer.

In 2012, Do Thanh Khoa grew Sachi Inchi as a pilot venture in Hoa Binh province. At first, he grew 2,000 plants on an area of one hectare in the mountainous area of Mai Chau District. Most of the plants died due to his lack of experience. Khoa then invited experts from a Thai supplier to help him look after and develop Sachi Inchi plants in a way suited to the weather and soil conditions in Vietnam.

After the plants grew well, Khoa invested in expanding the area for Sachi Inchi to 10 hectares. The first crop was harvested after 6 months. Sachi Inchi fruits can be collected for 3 to 5 days. Each year, Khoa harvested around 10 to 15 tons of Sachi Inchi in the 10 hectares, earning a revenue of 45,000 USD. Mr. Khoa said: “I first got to know about Sachi Inchi and its value in 2005. It was not known in Vietnam at that time. I went to the Vietnam Agricultural Research Institute to ask for scientists’ thoughts about growing the plant in pilot. The real value of Sachi Inchi plant was not confirmed, but the scientists encouraged me to try”.

In 2015, Khoa continued piloting Sachi Inchi, growing over 5 hectares in Thai Thuy Commune, Thai Binh Province, and he got great support from the local authorities. Do Thanh Ha is Chairman of Thai Hoc commune People’s Committee: “When Khoa raised the idea of growing Sachi Inchi plants in Thai Binh, we really supported him. Sachi Inchi growing not only helps Khoa prosper, but also generates a stable income for many local laborers”.

Khoa said with an investment of 4,500 USD to 6,700 USD per hectare, a farmer can regain his money after 2 years and then have stable income of about 6,700 USD per hectare a year. Khoa’s Sachi Inchi growing model is recognized by the local authorities. Mr. Ha said: “Though Sachi Inchi has not been grown in Thai Binh for long, researchers said this kind of plant is of high economic value. The local authorities are taking this into consideration and plan to replicate  this model to help local farmers improve their incomes”.

Farmer Do Thanh Khoa prosper thanks to Sachi Inchi plant  - ảnh 2
Sachi Inchi is a climbing shrub that originated in South America.

Early this year, Thanh Khoa began planting another 60 hectares of Sachi Inchi in Dak Lak Province. He also supplies seeds to local farmers and instructs them how to cultivate them. Khoa is willing to help others and has made a great contribution to the new movement for local rural development. Khoa’s model for growing Sachi Inchi is expected to be further replicated in other localities.