Former PM Phan Van Khai lays firm foundation for Vietnam’s international integration

(VOVWORLD) - Assuming the highest Government post when Vietnam was still in its early years of the renewal process, former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai made an active and determined effort to build new institutions that could bring into play the strength of each economic sector, especially private enterprise, and stimulate Vietnam to open up to and integrate into the world.

Former PM Phan Van Khai lays firm foundation for Vietnam’s international integration - ảnh 1Former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai. 

Former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai was said to have strategic vision and to have made a great contribution to Vietnam’s economic development, especially during the first phase of Vietnam’s renewal and door-opening process. Dr. Vu Quoc Tuan, an advisor to the former Prime Minister Khai, said Mr. Khai was an open-minded and receptive person. He met regularly with his advisory board to remove obstacles facing businesses. When the Business Law took effect in 2000, Prime Minister Khai abolished hundreds of business sub-licence requirements: “Former Prime Minister Khai was the first to sign a decree developing Vietnam’s small and medium-sized enterprises. He proposed many incentives to help businesses, including removing sub-licence requirements. He was called the Prime Minister of businesses”.

For nearly ten years during his premiership, Mr. Khai created the best conditions for setting up and developing enterprises. The Business Law, simplified many administrative procedures and opened ample opportunities for Vietnam to promote market economy. Mr. Mac Quoc Anh, Vice President and Secretary General of the Hanoi Small and Medium Enterprises Association, said that, at a time when Asia’s economy was reeling from the global financial crisis, Vietnam still maintained economic growth, gaining the trust of foreign investors and businesses: “Under Mr. Khai’s premiership, Vietnam’s economy managed to overcome the financial crisis in Asia in 1997. He eliminated 60 percent of business sub-licence requirements and created equal opportunities for businesses to grow”.

Former PM Phan Van Khai lays firm foundation for Vietnam’s international integration - ảnh 2

Former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai at a symposium in 2015. (Source:

Mr. To Ngoc Son of Hanoi said Mr. Khai helped Vietnam’s economy survive the crisis thanks to his flexible, active management: “Prime Minister Phan Van Khai is a person with profound knowledge and patriotism. Thanks to his wise management, Vietnam not only survived Asia’s financial crisis in 1997 but also integrated extensively into the world”.

Dr. Cao Sy Kiem, former governor of the State Bank of Vietnam said Mr. Khai gave priority to improving Vietnam’s business environment, developing enterprises, and building laws toward a market economy: “Prime Minister Phan Van Khai adopted initiatives to boost international integration, particularly in laws, technology, human resource training, and finance”.

The former leader was awarded the Golden Star Order in recognition of his significant contributions to national development. Mr. Khai passed away on Saturday morning at the age of 85.