Khmer farmer makes fortune from multi-crop cultivation

(VOVWORLD) - Farmer Ly Quon from My Xuyen district, Soc Trang province is known as a role model in agricultural production and application of science and farming techniques. 
Khmer farmer makes fortune from multi-crop cultivation - ảnh 1Farmer Ly Quon (Photo: Thach Hong/ VOV) 

Farmer Ly Quon said the traditional farming practices produce low income and face various risks. Thus, Quon is keen on doing research on farming techniques through books, the media and training courses in his locality. Quon started his production in 1990s on more than 2,000 square meters of his family’s cultivation land. Beside rice cultivation, Quon also grew mushroom between crops to increase income.  With the extra-income, he further invested in purchasing machines and rice harvesting and drying services.

“I worked very hard, then saved money to expand our production.  With limited cultivation land, I thought of providing ploughing and harvesting services to local people, using machines,” said Quon.

Quon applied new farming techniques and high-quality rice varieties which bring about higher productivity. For this winter spring crop, new rice varieties including those imported from Japan earned him around 25,000 USD on more than 30 hectares of rice land.

Mr. Dao Phuong Chi Cuong, Vice Chairman of Thanh Quoi commune’s People’s Committee, said Ly Quon is ready to share his experience with other farmers. Quon, together with 17 other farmers, set up a rice cooperative to share farming techniques for sustainable production.

“After years of hard work, Ly Quon has managed to expand his cultivation land to 40 hectares. Quon is eager to learn new techniques and applies science and technique in agricultural production,” Mr. Cuong said.