Le Van Trung, overcoming the pain of Agent Orange/ dioxin

(VOVworld) – Despite being born in peace time, Le Van Trung is paralysed as a consequence of war. Trung is the 2nd generation in his family to be affected by Agent Orange/ dioxin. He has willed himself to overcome the pain of Agent Orange/ dioxin and lead a meaningful life.
Le Van Trung, overcoming the pain of Agent Orange/ dioxin - ảnh 1
Mr. Le Van Trung (Photo: VOV)

During the American war, from 1961 to 1971, Quang Tri province was the hardest hit by the toxic defoliant sprayed by US troops. Agent Orange/ dioxin left long-term effects on human health, affecting not only war veterans but also their children and grandchildren. Trung, who lives in the toxic area, is one of 3 family members affected by Agent Orange/ dioxin. He said: “I was born in 1977 and contracted paralysis due to Agent Orange/ dioxin. I went to school until the 6th grade. Due to difficult family circumstances, I stopped going to school.  Thanks to the encouragement and support of relatives and friends, I started vocational training to ease the burden on my family”.

With one paralyzed leg, Trung faced an uphill battle. But he tried hard to find a job suitable to his ability. Trung learned to weld, manufacture grinders and raise pigs. He has worked hard to cope with his disability and earn enough money to support his family. Trung did not think of getting married for fear his children might be affected by Agent Orange/ dioxin. Fortunately, Trung met a girl who gave him true love. Trung says he was moved by what his wife told him: “My wife said she loved me for my kindness and ignored what other people said. She urged me to do my best and this encouraged me”.

In 2006, Trung got married. He borrowed 45,000 USD to buy an excavator, a van, and some equipment for road construction: “I never thought I would have what I have today. My effort has paid off. Now I have a happy family and a prosperous life”.

Trung gives support to disadvantaged local people. He told us: “I help other disadvantaged people by providing them services at a reasonable price or machines and equipment with which to boost their incomes.  I encourage others to raise cows and buffalos and help others in their production”.

Trung always does his utmost. Le Van Dang, Chairman of Quang Tri province’s Association of Agent Orange victims, said: “Trung now runs a small business and creates jobs for local people”.

Despite his condition, his great determination and the encouragement of his family and friends have enabled Le Van Trung to rise above his difficulties and become successful in life.