Ta Thi Chung, a Doctor of Agent Orange patients

(VOVworld) – For three decades, Doctor Ta Thi Chung has cared for and taught nearly 200 children affected by Agent Orange. Children at the Hoa Binh (Peace) Village call her “grandmother”.
Ta Thi Chung, a Doctor of Agent Orange patients - ảnh 1
Ms. Ta Chi Chung cares for Agent Orange patients for more than 30 years.
Dr. Ta Thi Chung, 83, a native of Ben Tre province, used to be the Vice Director of Tu Du Obstetrics Hospital. Because many babies born with deformities were abandoned by their families at the Hospital, Doctor Chung proposed the idea of setting up Hoa Binh Village to look after those kids. The village is also a vocational training center for the children. Doctor Chung and the other village staff take care of 200 disadvantaged children. Chung says she has a great passion for charity work: “I have great sympathy for the patients at Tu Du hospital. Most of them are poor and need help. The hospital always creates the best possible conditions for the patients and they pay after treatment. I also participate in activities of the Vietnam Red Cross Society”.

It is twice as much work caring for a disabled child. Although retired, Doctor Chung still visits Hoa Binh Village often and does something to help the children. Ms. Nguyen Thi Sau, who works at Tu Du hospital in Ho Chi Minh city, said: “Though Ms. Chung is old, she is devoted to charity work. She does a lot for the children in Hoa Binh Village. She has raised a lot of money for social programs”.

Doctor Chung has also called on philanthropists, friends, and overseas Vietnamese to build a center for homeless pregnant women. This center has helped hundreds of women get through childbirth. Ms. Chung and Tu Du hospital used donations to provide thousands of scholarships and heart operations  to disadvantaged children in remote areas and to build bridges in poor districts in Vietnam.

After 40 years at Tu Du hospital, Doctor Chung still wants to go on helping disadvantaged kids. Doctor Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy, Vice Director of Tu Du hospital and Ms. Chung’s daughter, follows her mother’s passion: “I am greatly influenced by my mother’s good deeds and I want to follow what she has done. I also actively take part in charity work in the hope of sharing with people who are unlucky in life”.

Mrs. Chung has received the title People’s Doctor for her great contribution to the society.