Young, devoted doctor Ba Van Khuong

(VOVworld) – 32-year-old doctor Ba Van Khuong of the Cham ethnic group has constantly improved his knowledge and expertise. Khuong together with other medical staff members at GiaDinh People’s Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City have saved many lives.
Young, devoted doctor Ba Van Khuong - ảnh 1

Born in 1985, doctor Ba Van Khuong is the third child of a big farm family in NinhPhuoc district, NinhThuan province. Khuong developed his passion for medicine when he was a high school student. To realize his dream, he took the exam and was trained as a general practitioner at Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy. After graduation, Khuong worked for the Emergency Department of GiaDinh People’s Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. He has done a lot of research and taken training courses in electrocardiogram, endoscopy, and X-ray. Khuong has also learnt a lot from his colleagues. At a young age Khuong has sound medical expertise and skills: “It is essential to respond quickly and diagnose precisely to save patients’ lives. There was a time I felt I could do little to help the patients. Now, with expertise and experience, I am capable of dealing with serious cases such as traumatic brain injury and abdominal trauma”.

Khuong is now following a training course in rehabilitation. He keeps improving his knowledge to better serve his patients. Khuong has joined groups of doctors who volunteer to give free medical examinations and medicine to poor ethnic people in BinhPhuoc and TayNinh province and provide treatment to many poor people with life-threatening diseases. Doctor Tran Van Luong of the Endocrine Department of Ho Chi Minh City’s University of Medicine and Pharmacy is Khuong’s colleague: “Khuong always cooperates and supports his colleagues to give the best treatment to the patients. He is always enthusiastic and willing to help and share his experience with interns”.

Khuong says he wants to give more help to poor people in remote mountain areas.