Young man profits from mushroom farming

(VOVWORLD) - At the age of 27, Bui Minh Thang is the owner of a mushroom farm in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City that uses advanced technology and techniques. Thang is a leader in developing clean agriculture in the city. 
Young man profits from mushroom farming - ảnh 1Bui Minh Thang's farm grows 10 species of clean mushrooms.  

Thang’s 700 square meter farm grows 10 species of clean mushrooms. Starting with just 13,000 USD, Thang gave up his studies in Japan and started growing mushrooms. At first, he had problems because of the lack of capital, human resources, and technology. Some mushroom varieties failed to grow.

Determined to succeed, Thang studied the reasons for his failure and sought another way to develop his farm. He borrowed money from the local Youth Union, and other sources to expand the farm to 700 square meters, and did research on fungus. Using new technology and farming methods, Thang started getting better results.

“I switched from a wood stove to a gas stove to save time and fuel. An automated sprinkler was installed, which controls the temperature and produces better quality mushrooms. I also imported some modern equipment which enables me to produce mushroom embryos myself on my farm,” he said.

Taking over his family’s mushroom growing business, Thang inherited techniques passed down by generations of the family, but he did not stop there. He sought out new materials and made fact-finding tours to many mushroom farms in Vietnam to learn better mushroom growing methods. In 2016, Thang successfully developed his own mushroom embryos. Now, his farm produces 10 varieties of mushroom embryos, earning him around 6,600 USD per month.

Thang’s farm employs 10 people, each earning 200 to 300 USD per month. Employee Nguyen Thi Quang of Cu Chi district, said she now has a stable job and income.

“We work to provide high-quality products. Every day, I pack around 700 bags of mushrooms. I earn nearly 300 USD per month,” Quang said. 

Bui Minh Thang supports other local farmers with techniques and seeds. He is an active member of the local Youth Union. Ngo Minh Hai, Vice Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City’s Youth Union, said: “The success of young people like Thang contributes to the success of the Youth Union. His successful model should be honored and replicated”.