Charming Pho Hien tells Hung Yen’s history and culture

(VOVWORLD) - Pho Hien, a historical site in Hung Yen Province, was a famous merchant port in Vietnam and a small historic town on the banks of the Red River. Located 70 kilometers southeast of Hanoi, it’s home to many famous relic sites such as Hien pagoda, Chuong pagoda, and Mother Goddess Temple.

The prosperous time of Pho Hien was associated with the golden time of trade between Vietnam, China and Japan in the 16th-18th century.

Mr. Vu Van Thuan, Deputy Chairman of the Hung Yen provincial People's Committee said: “All local relics are associated with one or another period of development of Pho Hien. The sites are also the highlights of the architectural value of Pho Hien, which contributes to the development of the location in the past as well as Hung Yen city today.”

Pho Hien is famous for its unique architectural style, well-blended among Western, Chinese and Vietnamese architecture. The area covers five square kilometers running from Dang Chau Hamlet in Lam Son Ward to Ne Chau Hamlet in Hong Chau Ward. Some famous relics in Pho Hien include Chuong pagoda, and Mother Goddess Temple. Other popular sites are Kim Chung, Huong Lang, Thai Lac, Ne Chau pagodas, and Chu Dong Tu, Phuong Hoang, Dau An, and Da Hoa temples.

Xich Dang Literature Temple is located on a 6,000 – square – metre – land area in Xich Dang village. Built in 1839, it is a symbol of the studious spirit and civilization of Hung Yen province.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hoa, who works for the Temple, said:  “Xich Dang Literature Temple attracts a great number of visitors all year around, especially on the occasion of the New Year. Many visitors are students who come here to pray for good health and good academic results. The most valuable items on display in the Temple are the stone stelae inscribed with the names of distinguished scholars of Hung Yen, who had gained high positions at national examinations.”

Charming Pho Hien tells Hung Yen’s history and culture  - ảnh 1Chuong (Bell) Pagoda 

Together with Xich Dang Literature Temple, Chuong Pagoda is one of the must-see places in Hung Yen. Chuong (Bell) Pagoda, located in Nhan Duc hamlet, has another name of Kim Chung Tu. Built in the Le Dynasty (15th-17th century), this ancient temple is known as one of the top three destinations of Pho Hien.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lien, a presenter at the relic, said: “Visitors to Chuong Pagoda are taught to live a good life, and not to do bad things. The pagoda is endowed with poetic scenery and boasts a stone bridge spanning a lotus pond and statues of Arhats.”

The old-day saying: "The Capital ranks first, Pho Hien ranks second" affirms the important position of Pho Hien in Vietnam’s history.