French Music Association set up for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin

French Music Association set up for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin - ảnh 1
French Singer Christian Filhos

(VOVworld) - A music association named “Dioxin Country Mascaret” has been set up in Bordeaux, France to raise funds for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin. Through music, the Association wants to convey love, hopes and material supports to AO children. A VoV correspondent in Paris will introduce to you this Association.

The emotional lyrics and soft melody of the song ‘The guitar of Jeremie’ you just heard seems to convey what French singer Christian Filhos wants to send to Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange Dioxin. Christian Filhos, also known as Gignac and the association’s founder says this is one of his four songs featuring AO children in Vietnam. He also plans to perform the song in the Association’s special show to raise fund for the children.

Established in January, Gignac explained that the Association’s name reveals his desire to send the love and hopes from a distant nation of France like surges of waves to misfortune AO children to give them more strength. Gignac elaborates 'I have a Vietnamese friend, musician Ho Quang Hai who has written many songs about child victims of Agent Orange Dioxin. With his encouragement, I set up an association which uses music as a tool to convey love and dreams to the pitiful children and to call on other people to make practical contributions to help them. We will organize not-for-profit art performances through which to tell the French what the chemical substance is and its horrible sequels still left in Vietnam'.

In its website at, DCM has clarified its goals of action to gather support from all people regardless their age, gender or political and religion beliefs to ease the lingering pain suffered by Vietnamese AO victims and help them have a better life. In addition to shows, seminars and film screening at schools, residential areas, retirement homes in Bordeaux will also be held.

The DCM has been twined with Orange Dihoxyn, a non-governmental musical association created by overseas Vietnamese musician in France Ho Quang Hai and their ways of operation are similar to each other. It means you can help by downloading music from the Association’s website or donating their own compositions to the website on top of directly donating money. Registering as an Association member is also a simple way to express the support and pity for Vietnamese AO victims. Gignac says he hopes he will come to Vietnam in the near future to perform for the children. He shares his emotion 'At the association’s website, there’s a photo of me taking a guitar to look attentively at the horizon, next to me is a Vietnamese child glinting at me. Through the photo and with my sincere heart, I would like to pass on my solidarity, wish and love to all AO children in Vietnam'.

VOV correspondent in Paris