Vietnam seeks to master space technology

(VOVWORLD) -Engineers from the Vietnam National Satellite Center have attended the master’s degrees training program in satellite technology in Japan and designed, manufactured and tested Micro Dragon satellite under the instruction of Japanese professors.
Vietnam seeks to master space technology  - ảnh 1 Vietnam National Satellite Center Network 

Micro Dragon, 50 x 50 x 50cm in size and 50 kilos in weight is going to be launched, slated for early 2018. The satellite will carry out the observation over coastal waters to assess the quality of water, position aquatic resources and watch changes in the phenomena in the coastal areas. A project on Nano Dragon satellite is being implemented until 2019 with an aim of detecting the locations of vessels and applying automatic identification system. Vietnam plans to launch LOTUSat-1 radar satellite in 2019 and LOTUSat-2 in 2020.