Vietnam – the Most Positive Media Coverage in 2011

A ceremony was held in Ho Chi Minh City on Friday to announce the Global Reputation Awards – Asia and the Top 500 largest Vietnamese Enterprises in 2011. The Global Reputation Awards – Asia aim to honor countries and businesses which have the most prestigious image in the international media. The honor is also to recommend every nation and enterprise to improve themselves to have a better image in the international media. Vietnam has been highly appraised in two fields and presented with Best Media Reputation on Diplomacy and the Most Positive Media Coverage for its efforts last year.

At the meeting, 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises or the VNR 500 ranking were also honored. Last year’s Vietnam Top 500 Largest Enterprises by the Revenue Ranking Board involving companies from all economic sectors was based on the minimum turnover of more than 72 million USD and nearly 29 million USD for private economic sector.