Vietnamese Traditional Martial arts welcomed around the world

(VOVWORLD) - Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam beat the drum to launch the 2nd World Championship of Vietnam’s traditional martial arts in Hanoi on Thursday. 
Vietnamese Traditional Martial arts welcomed around the world - ảnh 1Vietnamese Traditional Martial arts is welcomed around the world 

The martial art has been a part of Vietnam’s traditional cultural heritage alongside national construction and defense. Vice Secretary General of the World Federation of Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts, Tran Viet,  said that the Vietnamese traditional martial art is a precious heritage of the nation, and has been increasing in popularity globally: “The 2nd world tournament draws 320 athletes and 100 officials from 29 countries. This doubled the size of the first championship, reflecting the popularity of the martial art worldwide, especially in new territories such as Africa and Australia. I expect the next championship to take place in Europe, Africa or India.” 

In addition to experience sharing, the tournament also serves as a catalyst to encourage the development of Vietnamese martial arts in various regions, as well as to promote Vietnam’s culture and tradition.