VOV hosts a get-together with overseas Vietnamese

Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) today/on Tuesday hosted a get-together with overseas Vietnamese who return home for Lunar New Year festival (Tet) celebrations. Representatives from Vietnamese communities in 20 countries expressed their joy to be part of the greatest event of the year in their homeland. Le Ngoc Phuong from Thailand told VOV: “I miss Vietnam and long for home. So I listen to the Radio to keep myself informed of happenings at home. My whole family tunes in to every radio program from the beginning to the end and discusses it. We are very moved to catch VOV signal”.

VOV General Director Nguyen Dang Tien briefed the participants on the recent development of Vietnam and the national broadcaster:  “VOV’s programs are now broadcast in 12 languages. We will make greater efforts to broaden the coverage and diversify programs. Overseas Vietnamese are our target group, who will help promote Vietnam’s land and people”.

The annual meeting aims to link Vietnamese expatriates to the homeland. It is also a special event for the broadcaster to get closer to their listeners around the world.