Aerial Yoga – Airtime for better health

(VOVworld) - If you enjoy anti-gravity workouts, you should definitely try practicing Aerial Yoga. Originally from New York, this new type of yoga has rapidly grown in popularity. Today, let’s follow VOV’s Ha Ngan to an Aerial Yoga class in Hanoi to learn more about this meditative practice.

The biggest difference between traditional yoga and Aerial Yoga is the tool with which it’s practiced. For traditional yoga, a mat is a useful tool that helps people practice poses on the floor. In an Aerial Yoga class, a hammock is indispensible as all the poses are done in the air. Dinh Cong Phung, one of the first five certified Aerial Yoga teachers in Vietnam, working at Om Factory Yoga Studio, describes the main features of the hammock. “The silk hammock is very resilient so it doesn’t cause pain when you practice. It’s safe to use the hammock as it is held up by carabineers, support chains, and webbing straps, which can support up to 500 kilos of weight. You can adjust the distance from the floor to the hammock depending on your height and the difficulty of the Aerial Yoga poses. For example, when you do the reverse pose, it should be high enough so that your head will not hit the floor. For beginners, the hammock should be placed at the pelvis.”
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Dinh Cong Phung, one of the first five certified Aerial Yoga teachers in Vietnam
(Photo: Om Factory Hanoi)

Phung added that with the hammock, Aerial Yoga learners can practice a wide range of poses from Aerial Yoga Core, Aerial Dance and Aerial Mellow Flow, the three main classes of Aerial Yoga that learners can experience at Om Factory Yoga Studio. “Aerial Yoga Core consists of traditional yoga poses, adapted with the hammock for support, and acrobatic moves, all done in the air. In Aerial Dance, students can experience a great combination of workout and choreography. They can express themselves through dancing with the help of the hammock to create beautiful inversions from yoga inspired poses. Aerial Mellow Flow is a kind of meditative Yoga practiced in the air, which is similar to restorative Yoga focusing on breathe and Zen work.”

Practicing Aerial Yoga can be intimidating at first, but it is really rewarding. Phung said, “Practicing Aerial Yoga requires the involvement of core muscles of the arms, legs, and belly to balance during the whole session, which helps strengthen your muscles and keep you in shape. It’s also a good way for stress relief and after the work out, you will definitely feel more active.”

Do Thi Phuong Thao, a 25-year-old administrative staff member, has been practicing Aerial Yoga for three months. Though she encountered some difficulties initially, Thao is happy with the progress that she has made. When I first practiced Aerial Yoga, I felt a little bit scared to do poses like flipping as the hammock was moving in the air, which makes it hard to keep balance. The workout also required flexibility, so doing the split or stretching was quite hard for me at first. However, the teacher guided the class really carefully and always supported us, so I didn’t suffer any injuries. Now I am able to do some advanced poses. My body has become more flexible and toned. I feel really relaxed after an hour of practice.”    

Airtime with Aerial Yoga is suitable for people of all ages. After retiring, Tong Thi Soan started her first traditional yoga class. When Aerial Yoga was introduced in Vietnam, she took up the Aerial Yoga class and found that it had some additional benefits compared with the traditional kind.

I think that I can perform better with Aerial Yoga than traditional yoga. In traditional yoga, it’s hard for me to bend, as my bones are not as strong as young people’s. But the silk hammock of Aerial Yoga supports me significantly, so I can do such poses more easily. Practicing Aerial Yoga allows me to stretch my spine so my back feels much better. It also helps bring blood to the brain when I do poses related to reversing. I really enjoy it.”

More and more people have learned to fly with Aerial Yoga. It only takes an hour a day to practice with the silk hammock to rejuvenate your body and your soul. Give it a try to enhance your strength and flexibility while enjoying great fun during your time in the air.


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