Ha Giang’s Meo Vac district: Building consensus in new rural development

Ha Giang’s Meo Vac district: Building consensus in new rural development - ảnh 1
Paving roads in Meo Vac. Photo: baohagiang.vn
(VOVworld) – Ha Giang province’s Meo Vac district has achieved significant results in new rural development thanks to local government and people’s determination and consensus to implement a national rural development program. VOV’s Vinh Phong reports..

A newly paved road led us to Ta Lung commune, a focal commune in new rural development of Meo Vac district. Vu Mi Cai, a resident of Ta Lung commune said this new road was put into operation after 3 years of construction, connecting Ta Lun communal center with all local hamlets. He added that convenient travel has contributed to boosting the local economy and living conditions. Ta Lung has completed 8 out of the national rural development program’s 19 criteria. Hong Mi Sinh, head of Ta Lung’s new rural development management committee, said the program’s success is due to local people’s consensus and contribution: "Our biggest advantage is the local people’s support. They have contributed their money, wisdom, and labour to the implementation of the program. The local authorities have organized regular meetings in each hamlet to publicize all information on new rural development and discuss what to do to make the program a success."

After 4 years the infrastructure of Meo Vac district has been significantly upgraded. Hau Minh Loi is Secretary of the Meo Vac district Party Committee: "The local government is determined to implement the national new rural development program, considering it an effective way to reduce poverty and boost local socioeconomic development. The local government’s wise leadership and effective use of state funds plus the local people’s consensus and contribution to the program, have achieved significant results."

Hau Minh Loi said people’s contributions to the local implementation in any form are highly appreciated and factored into the local government’s decision-making regarding new rural development policies: "The local government staff is required to fully understand the program’s significance before publicizing it. We are asked to take the lead in implementing the program in order to get other people to follow suit."