Role models for new-style cooperative development in Ha Tinh

(VOVworld) – A number of new-style cooperatives have recently been established in Ha Tinh province, combining production, trading, and new rural development targets. The new model and its dynamic, creative way of thinking has boosted profitability.

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Spotted deer farming is profitable and is considered one of keys in Huong Son district’s economic development. (Photo:

Hoang Chau cooperative in Ky Bac commune, Ky Anh district, is an exemplary model of new-style cooperative development.

In 2012, it was advised to raise breeding sows.  In the early days, Hoang Chau cooperative only had 35,000 USD in investment capital but that figure has grown to 260,000 USD, according to the cooperative’s head Tran Thi Chau:

“The Ha Tinh Minerals and Trading Corporation has financed us to build breeding facilities. We have worked with the corporation to secure all product outputs for farm households which are not members of the cooperative. Members have also been supported in breeding techniques and medicine to fight epidemic diseases,” Chau said.

Deer husbandry is the main product of cooperatives in Huong Son district which possesses favorable conditions for raising deer on a large scale.

Everything became more advantageous when the Ha Tinh Minerals and Trading Corporation bought a local facility to raise deer breeds and worked with the Son Lam sika deer velvet cooperative to establish a company and build a Vietnam Deer Breed Center and a sika deer velvet processing plant.

Raising deer is profitable and simpler than raising other livestock because deer are more disease-resistant and mainly eat leaves or grass, which grow abundantly on Huong Son Mountain. Farmers can make a profit of about 176 USD from a deer, much more than from other types of poultry or cattle, according to Phan Van Luat, Director of the Son Lam sika deer velvet cooperative.

Luat said: “In the past, traders used to reduce prices of sika deer velvet. Since farmers have signed wholesale contracts with the business via the cooperative, Sơn Lâm villagers have been happy. We want banks to provide loans for cooperative members so they can develop or expand production.”

Role models for new-style cooperative development in Ha Tinh - ảnh 2
A facility to raise pigs in Som Kim 2 village. (Photo:

The Hoang Chau and Son Lam cooperatives are two of many efficient agricultural cooperatives in Ha Tinh. The highlight of the province’s agricultural production is a linked chain of production and consumption.

Ha Tinh has more than 7,000 high-revenue agricultural production models, said Le Dinh Son, the provincial Party Committee’s secretary, adding: “If farmers can’t apply high technologies to production by themselves, it will be difficult for them to sell their products. So links between cooperative teams, individual cooperatives, and businesses are a must. Restructuring production will play an important role in profitability. Restructuring production is collective economy which will support farmers, their rights and legitimate interests.”