The ancient town of Hoi An in Quang Nam province attracts tourists with its antique and romantic uniqueness.
Hoi An is a town for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles. The town is peaceful despite having a large number of tourists.
Seen from above, Hoi An’s yellow limestone walls and brown-tiled roofs. The Hoai River flowing through Hoi An contributes to its poetic beauty.
Souvenir stalls still retain the ancient architecture.
Hoi An Town offers the best photogenic spots
A folk art performance
Sapa, the “town in clouds” in the north of Vietnam, is a very popular place and attracts many visitors each year.
Visitors can immerse themselves in the sea of clouds that blankets the highlands just a few minutes away from the city center.
Admire the beauty of Thac Bac waterfall, Cau May bridge...
Or the poetic beauty of the streams
The beauty of terraced fields.
In the rainy season...
Colorful terraced rice fields in autumn
The destinations attract both domestic and international tourists looking for photogenic places.

Hoi An, Sapa – Vietnam's 2 most photogenic destinations

(VOVWORLD) - The Booking website recently conducted a survey on international tourists about the top 10 best places for photography in Vietnam. The results came out on World Photography Day, August 19, in which Hoi An and Sa Pa top the list.