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Choah village rice field in Krong No district covers 700 hectares, spreading along the southern bank of the Krong No River, close to the core area of the Dak Nong Global Geopark and Nam Blang volcano.
Many households in Choah village have practiced intensive farming in the field, unlike other areas in the Central Highlands.
Before the rice plants are to bloom, the field there looks as green as jade.
Local people live around the rice field, and intensive farming is the main practice of the wet rice agriculture there.
The locals possess special rice grains because the rice plants are grown on soil that is a mix of volcanic ashes and alluvium.
For a long time, machines have been used in farming, replacing manual work.
The mechanization process in farming contributes to increasing the output.
The joy of farmers with a bumper harvest
For its high quality, the local rice is sold well among dealers
The field is also an interesting experience for local school pupils to learn about rice growing.

Green rice field and golden harvesting season in Central Highlands

(VOVWORLD) - Choah village rice field in the Central Highland province of Dak Nong is a special rice area as it has been created from both volcanic eruptions and alluvial deposits over centuries.