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Sellers of 3D mooncakes have received many online orders over recent years.
A 150-gram cake costs between VND95,000 and VND130,000 (around 4 – 5.5 USD). Notably, customers can request sellers to make cakes on their own ideas.
3D cakes typically come in the shape of animals or flowers. They also have different flavours such as green bean, potato, taro, lotus, and coconut milk.
Moon cakes in new flavours such as lava tiramisu and lava chocolate have quickly become popular this year.
The price of a cake with these new flavours hovers around VND70,000 to VND80,000 (around 3 USD)
Cakes featuring folk paintings are normally more expensive than others, costing up to VND250,000 each.
Producing such eye-catching products requires meticulousness from local artisans.
A new mooncake is usually less sweet whilst the taste is cool, the filling is soft, and its crust is crispy. The cake is designed to feature many layers, meaning it can also be called a rainbow cake or multi-layer cake.
A box including six 100-gram mooncakes is worth between VND400,000 to VND450,000 (around 17 USD).

Handmade mooncakes much sought after ahead of Mid-Autumn Festival

(VOVWORLD) - With the Mid-Autumn festival rapidly approaching, the mooncake market is offering different kinds of handmade cakes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.