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A species typical of South Asia’s tropical climate, the giant crape myrtle flowers were initially planted for urban landscaping and providing shade. Nowadays, its blossoms have become a summer highlight of Hanoi. (Photo: VOV)
The different shades of the purple flowers form into long inflorescences of 20 to 40 centimeters in length. Each corolla has 6 petals and individually can grow up to 2 to 3.5 centimeters. (Photo: VOV)
(Photo: VOV)
(Photo: VOV)
Lagerstroemia flowers in full bloom at the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics. (Photo: VOV)
Thanks to favorable weather, Lagerstroemia flowers have been blooming brightly on the streets of Hanoi since early May, attracting locals and tourists alike. (Photo: VOV)
(Photo: VOV)
Strike a pose under the purple Lagerstroemia canopy for the best looking photos, like the young people in this image. (Photo: VOV)
Purple petals fall like rain onto the sidewalks creating an iconic sight of Hanoi. (Photo: VOV)
(Photo: VOV)
The streets of Hanoi are poetically transformed by the purple Lagerstroemia flowers. And magically, the veil of the capital city’s urban noise this time of year has also become more subdued. (Photo: VOV)

Hanoi coated in romantic purple with crape myrtle flowers

(VOVWORLD) - These days the blooming giant crape myrtle flowers (Bằng lăng or Lagerstroemia flowers) coat the streets of Hanoi in dreamy purple.