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“A Glorious Time” exhibition opened on March, 18, 2021, at Hoa Lo Prison Relic, Hanoi.
The exhibition guides spectators on an emotional journey back to the wartime
A newspaper named Nhựa Sống (the sap of youth) was secretly circulated in schools in Hanoi during the wars.
A space recreates Truong Son mountain range through which weapons and personnel were transported from the north to the southern front, leading to Vietnam’s 1975 Spring victory, unifying the country.
A bike under the forest canopy and a hammock for soldiers’ quick naps
Visitors taste military dried rice cakes and sip green tea.
Visitors don uniforms of young volunteers and soldiers
A talk with historical witnesses
Mrs. Do Hong Phan, who participated in the student resistance movement in 1949, said that visiting the exhibition, she recalled her past, met young people and told them what people of her generation had experienced.
The exhibition helps today's young generation understand the meaning of peace, freedom and happiness, which were built by the previous generations’ dreams, ambitions, and sacrifices.
The exhibition is taking place until April 30, 2021, at the Hoa Lo Prison Relic, No. 1, Hoa Lo street, Hanoi.

Hoa Lo Prison Relic launches exhibition on wartime youth

(VOVWORLD) - Hoa Lo Prison Relic Management Board has launched an exhibition reminding of a harsh but glorious time of a generation of Vietnamese young people, who contributed to Vietnam's wins of the wars.  

Duc Anh/VOV