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The joy of a Tet reunion
Traditions and customs of Tet make people more excited for the festival
These days, people just need to place an order to get a pair of Chung (square sticky rice) cakes. In the past, families gathered and prepared Dong leaves, glutinous rice, green beans, and pork to make Chung cake.
Family members gather to make Chung cakes
Children are most excited about making Chung cakes with parents and grandparents
A tray of five fruits and a tray of Tet food are carefully prepared and placed on the ancestral altar.
Sincerely pray for a peaceful and prosperous New Year.
Grandparents and parents give lucky money to the children. This is an indispensable part of the Vietnamese customs during the New Year
Family members gather for a meal on Tet holiday.

Memories of Tet recalled in Phan Huy’s photo series

(VOVWORLD) - The Lunar New Year is a sacred time for every Vietnamese. It’s an occasion for family reunion - a long-standing cultural tradition of Vietnam.