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During late autumn and in the early winter period, the Long Coc tea hill in northern Vietnam is left blanketed by fog.
Long Coc comprises of numerous tea hills
The sightseeing spot is at its most beautiful during the early morning.
Long Coc is widely considered one of the most beautiful tea hills throughout Vietnam.
The site provides an ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Tourists can enjoy taking unique photos of the tea hills whilst discovering the unique culture of the local Muong ethnic group.
Tourists will have the chance to sample some famous teas, such as Bat Tien and Shan Tuyet tea, both of which can also be special gifts for their families and friends.

Mysterious landscape of Long Coc tea hill amid seasonal changes

(VOVWORLD) - Long Coc tea hill in Phu Tho province, 125 kilometers from Hanoi, is an ideal getaway during the weekend.