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Persimmons in Moc Chau come in many varieties, from red persimmon, crispy persimmon to acrid persimmon. Each type has its own flavor. (Photo: Le Hanh/VOV)
Moc Chau at the end of the year is full of charm, as the orange-red persimmons add to the color of the plateau. (Photo: Nguyen Trong Cung)
The orange-red colors gradually turn to vermilion at the end of the year, making this place even more extraordinary. (Photo: Hanh Phan/
The last months of the year are usually busy, but this place is always peaceful. (Photo: Hoang Cuong/
Many persimmon gardens are open to visitors, such as in Ban On sub-area, Pa Khen, Moc Chau Farm town or "lonely persimmon tree" in sub-zone 14, Moc Chau town. (Photo: Persimmons are not only a popular product for tourists to enjoy and buy as gifts, the ripe persimmon season also attracts tourists keen on photography.
A lonely persimmon tree in Moc Chau. (Photo:
Thanh Binh Moc Chau persimmon garden is located in Ban On Sub-area, Moc Chau Farm town. (Photo: Hoang Cuong/
(Photo: Thanh Binh/
(Photo: Thanh Binh/
The ripe persimmons are eye-catching. (Photo: meogiaphoto/
Visitors are welcomed by hospitable locals. (Photo: Thanh Binh/
(Photo: Tien Nguyen/
Visitors can pick ripe persimmons to bring home as gifts. (Photo: Le Son/
(Photo: Xuan Mai/Vietnam+)

Persimmon season on Moc Chau Plateau

(VOVWORLD) - Between September and the end of December, Moc Chau Plateau in the northern mountainous province of Son La is blanketed with the orange and red colors of ripe persimmons. 

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