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Moc Chau Plateau looks gorgeous in spring.
Plum flowers blossom on a hillside.
In February, many people come to Moc Chau with their families or friends.
The most beautiful plum gardens are in the valleys of Na Ka, Mu Nau, and Pa Phach hamlet.
The plum trees are in full bloom.
Plum flowers carpet the hillsides.
Visitors are impressed by the beauty and fragrance of plum blossoms.
Plum flowers blossoming usually lasts two to three weeks.
The delicate petals are blown by the wind.
The plum flowers are often compared to beautiful mountain girls.

Plum blossoms cover Moc Chau plateau in white

(VOVWORLD) -Moc Chau plateau is covered with white plum blossoms in mid-February.