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Huong Son Complex and Perfume pagoda are considered the best places locally to discover beautiful caves.
From mid-September, visitors are able to see water lilies begin to bud on the water surface and, by October, are in full bloom.
In autumn, the Yen stream is vibrant with water lilies blossoming with dynamic purple colours.
Come the early morning, the water lilies are in full bloom.
Visitors can savour the scenic views of water lilies and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Yen stream
The ideal time to take photos on the stream is between 6.A.M and 8.A.M in the morning.
Visitors to Yen Stream are advised to arrive early in the morning to enjoy the stunning water lilies at their finest.
Visitors can also discover the beautiful landscapes of Yen stream by kayaking
As the sun rises higher, the petals of the water lilies begin to close.

Stunning water lilies in Yen stream lure visitors during the autumn months

(VOVWORLD) -In autumn, Yen stream in the Perfume Pagoda complex in My Duc district, Hanoi, is often packed with a large number of visitors out enjoying the stunning beauty of the purple water lilies in full bloom.