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Located about 20km from Phan Rang city, Vinh Hy Bay is a local paradise that awaits visitors. The area features numerous untouched beaches with crystal-blue water, white sands, and beautiful coral reefs. Although it’s possible to go by motorbike or car, you are advised to take a motorbike to see one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam; blue sea on one side and mountains on the other.
Hang Rai (Rai cave) is a must-see destination in Phan Rang city, the place known as the land of sun and wind. Just 5 km on the route to Vinh Hy Bay, Rai cave amazes visitors with its natural beauty. The cave is actually a myriad of stones of different shapes and sizes piled on each other above and under the water creating breathtaking scenery. From November to March, tourists can explore the cave at its best, and capture stunning pictures of waves and layers of moss.
Called “The heart of the sea”, Rai cave has inspired photographers to capture great photos.
A view of Vinh Hy Bay as seen from above.
Po Klong Garai Tower complex is found roughly 7km west of the city centre. The tower complex is an attractive destination for visitors who are keen to learn about the culture of Cham ethnic people.
Built by King Che Man in the 13th century in honor of Po Klong Garai, a mythological king of Cham people, the complex consists of three towers - Chinh (main), Cong (gate), and Hoa (fire) towers. The Main tower worships King Po Klong Garai. The Gate tower is located to the East while the Fire tower is to the South of the complex.
Recognized as a relic of architecture, art and sculpture in 1979, the complex is the peak of Cham architecture and sculpture.
A statue featuring King Po Klong Girai can be viewed at a museum showcasing Champa culture.
Phan Rang city is also famous for the Bau Truc pottery village, one of the three oldest pottery villages in Southeast Asia. One typical characteristic of Bau Truc pottery village is that the craft is only handed down to girls. Bau Truc pottery products are completely made by hand.
Musical instruments of the Cham people on show at the Champa Culture Museum.

Tourist attractions not to be missed in Phan Rang city

(VOVWORLD) - Phan Rang city in the south-central province of Ninh Thuan is a popular destination for tourists as they can enjoy themselves on pristine beaches and its beautiful natural scenery.

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