A 1968 English broadcast featuring Trinh Thi Ngo on VOV

Tuesday, October 04, 2016 - 13:15:30

(VOVworld) - This recording is a rare, valuable English broadcast featuring the late legendary announcer Hanoi Hannah whose real name was Trinh Thi Ngo, on Radio the Voice of Vietnam. This program was broadcast in 1968 from Havana, the capital city of Cuba. At that time, when Vietnam was in a fierce war of resistance against the US, the program was addressed to American troops and friends of Vietnamese people to promote friendship with the American people and provide the truth about the situation in Vietnam.
a 1968 english broadcast featuring trinh thi ngo on vov  hinh 0
The photo of Trinh Thi Ngo was taken in September 2015 (Photo by Minh Hanh)





Signature tune



Hello from announcer

Introduce VOV’s English program



Extend greetings to listeners





Introduce President Ho Chi Minh’s new-year message to American friends


President Ho Chi Minh’s new-year message to American friends

Extend new-year greetings (1968)

Describe the situation of the war in southern Vietnam (massacre, bombing, US government’s funding) to conclude that the US government committed crimes against Vietnam, wasted American lives, and destroyed the honor of the US

Appreciate support of friends to stop the American aggression in Vietnam

Reiterate Vietnamese people’s determination to fight the US aggressors


The Declaration of Independence by President Ho Chi Minh



Other words by President Ho Chi Minh to oppose to the American war in Vietnam

Refer to an article written by President Ho Chi Minh in a US magazine, which said the Vietnamese people never confused the American people, who love justice, with the US government, who waged a war in Vietnam

Refer to a reply by President Ho Chi Minh to a Nobel peace prize winner, which described the consequences of the war for both Vietnam and the US

Appreciate American friends who refuse to participate in the massacre in Vietnam


Announcement of purposes of VOV English service and its address



Song: Love for the native land



Introduction of following programs



Ending tune